Literary Analysis and Critical Thinking

This essay must construct a close-reading-based analysis that advances an interpretive argument regarding one or a set of themes from the

reading. The novel to be analyzed is “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson. The novel puts forth a sadness and melancholy due to the

advancement of technology. Gibson puts forth a concern about the over-branding of products by corporations; a pro-mo Logo/No Logo world. The

essay should focus on this concept and put forth critical arguments concerning the pro-mo Logo world and a world with No Logo’s. The paper

should present an argument for capitalism and the positive effects of our commercial world and technological advancements with a cautionary

analysis as explicated in Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition.” The paper should also focus on the importance of knowledge as explained in the text

and should also incorporate the 9/11 attacks as it pertains o the changing world and everyday life after the attacks. As stated, the argument

should elevate the idea of a free market society as opposed to a closed market society. Living in a modern world the main character, “Cayce”

could possibly be living in a post-modern world, nevertheless, an individual living in modern world is cognizant of and able to recognize what

they prefer and what they consider their authentic self to be, regardless of the over branding the world presents us with.