Legalization of marijuana


Persuasive Speech Outline – Complete this outline in full and complete sentences.
General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: What your audience gets out of the presentation
Central Idea: The thesis of the speech


GAIN ATTENTION: Identify the problem
Attention-Getter: Give the audience a wow moment to draw them in.
Preview: What is the subject of the speech?
Relevance: Why is it important to your audience?
Credibility: Why should the audience listen to you?
Position Statement: Your researched opinion on the topic and why it needs solving!

(Transitional sentence)


NEED: Explanation of the problem
Statement: Identify the problem
Clarification: Give evidence of problem – Provide specific details
Illustration: Give TWO examples of how the problem relates to your audience

(Transitional sentence)

SATISFACTION: Give the best solution to the problem
Statement: State the most viable solution
Explanation: In detail, explain the solution
Reasoning: Show reasoning behind the solution
History: Give TWO examples of how solution worked in the past/elsewhere
Nod to other side: Clarify TW0 objections your audience may be thinking

(Transitional sentence)

VISUALIZATION: Implement either of these solutions
Positive: Explain in detail, what it will look like with the problem solved
Negative: Explain, in detail, what it will be if the problem is not solved

(Transitional sentence)

ACTION: Specific instructions on how audience can help – Give two ways or examples.
Specific: Help by doing this: give phone numbers, addresses, etc.
Specific: Donate, sign petition, write congressperson, buy product etc.

(Transitional sentence)

Review: Summarized your main points
Thesis: Restate your position on the topic
Call to Action: Close with a memorable statement and call to action.


Provide a minimum of four references in APA format


Identify visual aids and incorporate into the outline above

Persuasive Speech Assignment: Outline & Presentation
• Outline to be completed like the above template by Sunday by midnight
• Persuasive topic of your choice to follow Monroe’s Motivational Sequence format
• 6-minutes in duration
• 4 credible references in APA format and cited in the speech
• Visual Aid(s) to enhance the speech and incorporated at the appropriate time
• Extemporaneous delivery
• A minimum of two audience members required or presented to the professor in Keiser Live in Week 4
• Submit this document in PART 1