Law question

question: In your view, which of the legal traditions studied thus far is most flexible and able to respond to our ever changing societies?
Answer this question by supporting “Socialist legal traditions”.

Please remember the answer needs to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the concepts (see attached files). The topic needs to be clearly defined, focused and supported with specific and appropriate (and factually accurate) evidence, examples and details. Clear organization, explanation and language. Error free. Writer’s answer should show clear explanations and appropriate conclusions; Shows awareness of assumptions and implications and demonstrates insight and depth.
Reference material:
Quigley, J. (1989). Socialist Law and the Civil Law Tradition. American Journal of Comparative Law, 37(4), 781-808.

Roman, P. (1993). Representative Government in Socialist Cuba. Latin American Perspectives, 20(1), 7-27.

Manko, Rafal. (2013). Survival of the Socialist Legal Tradition? A Polish Perspective. Comparative law review, 4(2),

You are allowed to refer to additional material if required; however, please make sure you include the above listed reference. Thanks

Word length 950, double spaced, APA style