Critical thinking

For your next Major Paper, please explore the work of a poet of your choice.You must choose a poet whose work is featured in the textbook.

You are asked to consider the poet’s work within the context from which it arose. To satisfy the assignment, it will be necessary to know

something of the life and times of this poet, in order to discuss their influence upon the poetry. However, it is not a biography. As you

read the poems, note the recurrence of theme, tone, symbols, etc. Pay attention to the poet’s particular style. Does it reflect the

influence of other writers? Of the era in which it arose? What influences do you find? Does the poet rely upon figurative devices, rhyme,

and what do they add to your understanding of the poet and the poetry?

You should choose a poet this week and begin the research to learn about the “world” of your poet. You should learn as much as you can

about the poet and about the historical and social context in which he or she lived, including other literary influences. Please read as

much of the poet’s work as possible. Keep track of your sources, so that you can adequately reference them in your paper.

An excellent paper will refer extensively to the poet’s work in support of the thesis (at least 5 poems). That means that lines of the

poetry will be incorporated in the essay, as evidence.

4-6 pages, plus the works cited page

Be sure to include lines from many of the poet’s works to support the points you make (you may have to do additional research to discover

more of the poet’s work).