In what ways can Sajo expand itself in Luxury Residential Market of London


– Size of the projects.
– Size of the market.
– Data/ Graphs showing how big the market is.
– How big is the offer in the market and examples of perfect project for a company like Sajo.
– Sajo is an 90% retail company so what are the advantages of it.
– If developers do interiors fit out for apartments already or the partner with general contractors who are specialised in interiors fit?
– Different types of contracts between client and general contractors.
– How will the be contract composed ? will it be mainly furniture ( tailored for the space) or air conditioning or flooring?
– If furniture is the biggest value in the contract can we partner with the producers?
– Can Boffi or other furniture producers like Armani home, Kenzo home can be a vehicle for us to work in the business ?
-Who are the Architects in the market who can help us?