Police role in the community


Police role in the community
Topic to be researched: Many people in the society argue that Police Officers have too much authority over the rights of individuals. These individuals suggest that there should be a reduction in police in communities. Utilizing a minimum of four reliable sources (Books, journal, and Newspapers, could be in online from those sources only).
Please select only one question from below and write about it.DONOT WRITE ABOUT TWO QUESTIONS.

******* Question 1. If you think, Police power should not be reduce, why? What they are doing for the community? Are they risking their lives every day? Think about NYPD department, what they are doing? What are the powers they have? To do their jobs well, do not you think it is necessary to have powers? Give as much as supporting details you can with work citied.

******* Question 2. If you agree with the individuals, police power should be lessen, why? Are they using their powers excessively to the innocent in the community? Are most of the police officers are bad? What are your thoughts? Need to provide all the supporting details with work citied.

Please choose one question from above and discuss what the impact of this would be. Please discuss Proactive vs reactive in the paper and support all arguments with facts from reliable sources only.

*** Requirements: 4-5 pages, APA Style, 12 fonts, Double Spaced, 5-6 reliable sources.