Identify and address possible ethical issues that arise in family therapy work and how you might resolve them

2.4 Introduction There are a wide variety of theories, perspectives, and models that can be used in family therapy; some of them evidence-based and some not. Thus, it is wise to explore different theories you might use, along with your own values, beliefs, and faith, in your work with families. Ethical issues will arise in family therapy work; in this assignment, you will identify and address possible ethical situations and how you might resolve them. Background Information After completing the 2.3 assignment, you will write a reflection paper describing the social work theory you likely would use with this family, and how your own social worker values, and the Christian faith /beliefs (would factor into your work with the family.

Additionally, considerations such as human rights, ethics, and other possible conflicts will be addressed in the paper to give you an opportunity to creatively and critically consider such topics and issues to further deepen your understanding of incorporating the relational stance into your work with families. Instructions 1. Write a reflection paper answering the following questions: a. How would you advance the family’s human rights and why? b. What ethical issues are involved in this case? How might you address or resolve them? c. Aside from the relational stance, what would be a best practice to apply to this family and why? d. What are the conflicts in this case study, and how might you address or resolve them? 2. Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length, double spaced with one-inch margins. Use Times New Roman font size 12 and follow all other APA requirements, including a reference page (not included in the required page count). Do NOT plagiarize and over use paraphrasing. Any citations need to be from the US.