Executive Summary Chapter 6

They are called summaries as they are limited in the total number of words utilized in developing the information for each assignment. That is, you have to choose your words succinctly to develop your responses with supporting information from the chapters.
Using the concepts, theories and definitions from the chapters and the power point lectures, you are to support your observations, analysis, and recommendations within your Executive Summary, with the following guidance given:
Please, do not write from a “first or second person” perspective. These means do not use “I” or “we’. Use a “third” person point of view. You do not need to footnote or another wise reference the chapters. The focus (and space for your responses) should be directed at answering the assignment given for each chapter.
One example of this position would be: Picture yourself in the movie theatre and as you are watching the movie, you are describing the various scenes to another person. In essence, you are telling a story in your executive summary essay in providing your recommendations.