Volcanic eruptions drove ancient global warming event


This can be found at http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/earth_climate/geology/3. Write a thread that addresses the following questions related to the

a. What is the title of the article?
b. What is the web address for the article?
c. Who is(are) the author(s)?
d. What is(are) the topic(s) covered in the article?
e. What new information have scientists found?
f. Why is this new information important?
g. What impact will this new information have on mankind and/or on science?
h. What drew you to this article? That is, why did you find this article interesting. 1. Be sure you do not merely list and answer the questions above.

You must construct a well-written thread in narrative format with an introduction and conclusion. The following outline is recommended:
a. Introductory paragraph (include article title, web address, author(s), and topic(s) covered)
b. Paragraph discussing the new information found, why this information is important, and how this information will impact mankind and/or science
c. Paragraph discussing your interest in the article
d. Concluding paragraph
2. Be sure to reference your article in a bibliography using current APA format. Also, provide in-text citations, as appropriate