Communication and technology

Analyze and evaluate our current networked world in terms of its
positives and negatives for communication and collaborative community
building. Drawing from Castells and other theorists, examine three (3)
of the following aspects or features of our network
a. new possibilities for constructing personal identity
b. ways that users – & systems – can be regulated
c. issues of sovereignty and the colonization of the net
d. changes in patterns of sociability & relationship building

You can use any web resources to answer this question , but i added
some readings and articles assigned from class that might be helpful
…. not sure though. This question must be answered in essay format
and in apa style .

Manuel Castells, Power and Politics in the Network Society

Christopher Keep, Brief Bio of Vannevar Bush

Vannevar Bush, “As We May Think,” Atlantic Monthly (July 1945).

Heidegger, “The Question of Technology

EFF on The USA Patriot Act

Technological Determinism: Special Issue of Computer Mediated
Communication Magazine 3:2 (1 February 1996).\

Daniel Chandler, “Shaping and Being Shaped: Engaging with Media,”
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 3:2 (01 February 1996)

Marshall McLuhan’s Interview with Playboy (1969)

Paul Boutin, 101 Ways to Save the Internet, Wired 12.01 (January 2005
John Perry Barlow, “ The Economy of Ideas,” Wired 2.03 (March 1994).
John Perry Barlow, “The Next Economy of Ideas,” Wired 8:10 (October
2000).LA Times editorial, “Bounced Bloggers, July 25, 2004

Jon Healey and David G. Savage,”Firms Can Be Held Liable for Net
Piracy,” LA Times 6/28/05

Andrew Sullivan, “The Blogging Revolution,” Wired (May 2002).

This question is think piece that ask you to integrate and
apply theories, concepts, and claims in the course materials and to
articulate your position on this. Criteria for grading include:
coverage of all components of the question; integration and
application of course content; depth and specificity of your analysis;
clarity and precision of
your writing; and, of course, correct use of APA style in your writing
and in your references.
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