Coloractal cancer screening

According to the findings of the article, research the same health
issue or behavior within Healthy People 2020.
o Identify a specific objective of HP2020 and discuss whether
your article addresses this objective. Be detailed and specific.
o Using CHInav ( (or
Google, etc.), discuss two (2) programs/interventions that can
also address this HP2020 objective and your health topic. Be
sure to identify individual studies – NOT reviews, and cite
your sources!
o Discuss how applying this theory to such interventions can contribute
to public health overall.
Here the article link Hester, C. M., Born, W. K., Yeh, H. W., Young, K. L., James, A. S., Daley, C. M., & Greiner, K. A. (2015). Decisional stage distribution for colorectal cancer screening among diverse, low-income study participants. Health Education Research, 30(3), 400–411.

Please make sure to send the Citation


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