History Research paper

History Research paper
To what extent were Native American groups impacted by westward expansion?
Format is correct (MLA or Chicago, must be done in one style)
Sources are properly listed and utilized within the paper
At least (3) primary sources are used thoughtfully
Use of (2) Supreme Court cases (one should be Worcester v. Georgia (1832), and the second should connect to you historical context or synthesis points)
Most sources are of high quality (no Wikipedia, Biography.com, History.com, About.com)
Annotations are clear and describe how the source was utilized (or would be utilized), why it is reputable, and/or why it is necessary to include. You may also want to address how you found the source and how this source may have led you to other research materials

Other Ways to LOSE Points
Title page is missing, or does not include full name, course title, due date, and paper title
Did not use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1” margins
Did not fulfill page requirements (4 1/2-7 pages)
Missing citations or inappropriate sources
Little to no internal citations denotes failure
Spelling and grammar is incorrect
Work is unorganized, transitions are weak