Research paper on Business and Politics

This report will be a reasoned response to the proposed legislation
and/or policy based on the interests of The Manufacturers Association
(this is an imaginary industry association).

The current Prime Minister has just foreshadowed in a speech that the
government is proposing to introduce penalty duties of 60% on
manufactured imports where the importer fails to prove that it is
actively reducing its carbon emissions. The task is to provide a
report to a industry association about implications of such a policy,
if implemented. include arguments which could be lifted out of the
report and used in media release – these may support, condemn, or
partly support the proposal but they need to be politically viable and

This report format should include:

. The INTENT of the policy (may include background literature)
. POLICY EFFECTS on the industry (i.e broad effects, cost effects,
cost benefits)
. POLICY EFFECTS on companies (i.e regulatory burdens, implementations costs)
. RECOMMENDATIONS to government
and Reference List

Sub heading and dot point may be used throughout the report.The Key
issues that need to be address are:
. Address the concerns of the business group
.address the legitimate aims of the government in a constructive fashion.
.Address the concerns of society in a positive and sympathetic manner,
in keeping with the public relation requirements of the business
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