Public Planning and Growth Management

Answer these two questions:
1) A suburban city used a five-part process for developing strategies
to respond to a strategic issue. The strategic issue was: Given the
city?s favorable location in the metropolitan area, what should the
city do to enhance, improve and compete as a tourist attraction.
Develop strategies in answer to the following four questions:

a. What are the pracitical alternatives or visions that could be
pursued to address this strategic issue?
b. What are the barriers to the realization of these alternatives or visions?
c. What are the major proposals that might be pursued either to
achieve the alternatives or visions or to overcome the barriers to
their realization?
d. What major actions and actions steps that must be taken in the next
six to twelve months to implement the proposals and who is responsible
for the action?

2) Which factors that drove urbanization in recent history are equally
relevant to contemporary urban growth? What are the differences?
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