budgetary policy and public finance


budgetary policy and public finance
1) Plan

The purpose of this plan is to come up with overall outline of what you are going to talk about for the rest of your 3 pages single spaced research

Please make sure all the following points are outlined on your paper, this is to guide you to write the rest of your paper in more organized form:
• You are to come up with a topic/issue that is related to public finance and budget policy, relevance of that topic to public finance/budget in

Canada, and comparison of that policy/plan to USA and other similar nations of your choice.

For example:
• For introduction, you could start off by briefly talking about the topic you have chosen and what models/concepts/theories are you going to

talk. This will lead to the question that you can use to answer in a form of thesis. As always, thesis should not be longer than a sentence, and this

thesis sums up the whole purpose of your paper. Note: thesis is an argument that you are going to do for the paper.
• Soon after introductory outline/paragraph, there should be a body paragraph/outline. In this body paragraph you are going to introduce the main

ideas that you are going to be talking for the rest of your paper. Here you can make three separate small paragraphs, 1. How is your essay related to

the public finance and budget policy (refer annex A) for possible topics that you could bring up with, 2. Information/relevance to public

finance/budget system in Canada and 3) comparison to US other similar nations.
Note: this is an outline and for the detailed paper, you are going to have to be critical and analytical about it, compare/contrast and so forth.
• Closing mini paragraph
• References with small description beside it. I would ask you to mention four references (keep in mind you are going to have to use at least 10

references for the final copy, but in this outline I am asking you only 4 – all references should be edited books, and peer-reviewed articles with

supporting government documents as exceptions). For each reference, I will ask you to briefly talk about its argument (3 sentences maximum) and also

how this argument is related/relevant to the rest of your paper (3 sentence maximum)

Annex A, some concepts but not limited to
• Budgetary Policy and public finance in Canada
• Actors in Budgetray policy: spenders, guardian, and priority settler
• Spending and allocating
• Watchdogs and public purse
• Parliamentary Oversight


All of these and more can be found in the textbook “The Politcs of Public Money” by David A. Good.

Other useful information but not limited to:
• Parliamentary Budget Officer
• Ontario Ministry of Finance
• Federal Department of Finance



This is how I am going to grade you for the plan
• Is there an issue introduced on the plan
• Is there a clear thesis?
• Are there theories/ideas raised based on the textbook I provided
• Is the outline related to the a)theme of the book, b)relevance and connection to Canadian finance and c)comparsion between other similar

nation (pick one nation and and compare and contrast)
• For each above a, b and c, is there a connection between one after other?
• For each a, b and c, are there descriptions presented in terms of how they are going to be used to further the essay, what each will argue in

another words
• Are there four bibliographies presented in MLA format, and that are scholarly sources, such as edited books.
• For each references, is there information beside each saying how this specific sources is going to be used in the essay and what information is

it going to present (short sentences)


2) This is how I am going to mark the full paper on top of the steps outlined on the above outline

1. Is there a research question and is this addressed as a form of thesis?
2. Is there a clear and concise thesis?
3. Like traditional essay, are there directional sentences followed soon after the thesis statement? For example, first, this paper is going to

talk about A. Second, this paper will examine B and so forth…?
4. Is your paper organized, easy to follow, subheadings, and for each paragraph there should be connection sentence leading up to the next

paragraph (transitional sentence/s).
5. Are there various aspects contained, compare contrast, and analysis?
6. Does you paper involve with other argument? There should be critical analysis, it does not have to be supporting or refuting one author vs. the

other, but you should definitely analyze the two arguments, what they say and what you think about it and the relevance to the central argument.
7. You need to also have strong evidences to prove your central argument, with different authors.
8. Be specific rather than introducing general concept of everything. This will show you your understanding about the topic.
9. Make sure you have your paper proofread by someone else.
10. Use either parentheses or endnotes but NO footnotes
11. Use MLA