“bless me , ultima “ by Rudolfo Anaya

This essay is about the book “bless me , ultima “ by Rudolfo Anaya. This essay should be based on this prompt: cultural conflict is

evident throughout most of the novel. Identify the difference between manifestations of cultural conflict and how they impinge on Antonios


And follow these instructions throughout:
– a clear, thoughtful, and well organized claim that ties to the novel and serves as a foundation for the entire essay
-we’ll structured topic sentences that relate to the claim and provide a focus for each body paragraph
– seamlessly integrated quotes from the novel to support your claim and topic sentence ( 3 total, at least one per key point/body

-thoughtful analysis that sheds light on the topic sentences and goes beyond a surface understanding of the prompt
-an intoductory paragraph to set up the argument and chart your course
-a concluding paragraph to wrap up the points and express the revelance of the topic
-between 400 and 500 words