Argument about language and why your argument is important?

Question description

-at least 1.5 (exactly 1.5 or more!!!!) pages double-spaced, 12 pt. font


-an introduction that contains a thesis which expresses 1) the subject of your literacy narrative, 2) your view of why language is important, and 3) how the particular story you’re going to tell about language has shaped who you are today. ***These can come in any order, and will be developed in later paragraphs–the idea here, with your thesis, is that you’re introducing your argument about language and why your argument is important.***


-body paragraphs which begin to tell the story you’re focusing on (remember to be specific and use a lot of detail and examples)


-at least one paragraph of reflection (that is, in which your writing steps outside of the story to discuss how the story relates to the power of language and to at least one of our course texts)

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