Second Language Acquisition

It’s a research paper based on the TEFL online program so I chose Second Language Acquisition towards Asians as my topic. Asians referring to Chinese, Japanese, Korean. It could be Asian or a specific type of Asian. What should also be included is a research indicating the factors that affect their second language capability.
Also, I would need a question to be the title’s name.

Language and Power Assessment 2


Firstly, Please read the subject outline very well.
Then write an essay within 3000 words for This assignment.(Assessment task 2 )

Secondly: Writing should follow the second option in assessment Tasks in subject outline: which is (Option 2: Discuss the issues in Module 2 to do with critical and educational responses to language and power. The assignment should answer questions such as:
How might we as educators, parents, workers, develop responses to the issues of language and power discussed in the first module?
Why does the notion of critical always need to be related to questions of power? How are pedagogical responses such as critical literacy, critical pedagogy, critical multiculturalism and so on related to questions of language and power?
What are the advantages and difficulties of critical approaches to education? It will, of course, be useful to orient this essay towards contexts of practice with which you are familiar. Be careful, however, not to just describe practice: This essay needs to discuss critical education in the context of language and power. Reading outside the subject readings is expected).

Thirdly: References should be at least six from the list of readings (The attached readings) Related readings only.
Also, use three readings from outside the attached readings to substantiate your analysis.
Fourthly: Must take into account the achievement of all the points in Assessment criteria.

Finally: Please find in the attached files:

1- subject outline.
2- Preparation Option 2 (PowerPoint file) from Dr.
3- Readings
4-Assessment criteria.

Test Review

The task: Test Review

You will have to review a language test or alternative language assessment task (for example, portfolio) that is currently used in your teaching context or is relevant to your future teaching or professional context. This could be a listening, speaking or writing test, but should not be a traditional reading test.

This assignment requires you to describe and critically evaluate the particular language assessment you have selected. You should apply the framework of  qualities of test usefulness- construct validity, reliability, authenticity, interactiveness, impact and practicality- in your review.
Report format
The report should include:
 Title page
 Report, organized into the following sections:
o Test/alternative assessment task purpose, brief description including relevant information on implementation and use of the results
o Strengths and weaknesses, with subsections for each of the six qualities of test usefulness
o Summary, with recommendations for use of this test/alternative assessment task
 References
 Appendix, including
o A copy of all documents related to the language test/alternative assessment activity you are reviewing, including the assessment instrument, marking criteria and specifications (if available)

Assessment criteria: important
 Demonstrated understanding of relevant second language (L2) assessment concepts
 Demonstrated wide, relevant, recent and credible reading on L2 assessment
 Application of key L2 assessment concepts to the review of a specific L2 test/alternative assessment task
 Clarity and credibility of the test review, including organization and adherence to referencing conventions

Word count: The stipulated report length is 2750 words. Your assignment must include a word count at the end of the body of the report. This word count does not include the reference list or documents.

Linguistic Assignment

Your assignment consists of two parts. You need to discuss both parts. The answer to Part 1 will consist of two paragraphs. The answer to Part 2 will have only one paragraph. You do not need to link the paragraphs. However, the structure within the paragraphs should be clear and coherent. Note that the paragraphs are not weighted equally in the grading.

Part 1. In the attached poem by Richard Outram, consider the sentence ‘Styx nix hix pix’ and discuss it in the following way:

Paragraph 1 – Identify the category of each word in this sentence and explain your answers. The full answer should include morphological, syntactic and semantic evidence. You may find it useful to use a good dictionary and the following entry in Wikipedia: Note that the fact that a particular word is listed with a particular category in the dictionary does not constitute good evidence for the purpose of this assignment.

Paragraph 2 – Briefly explain what you think this sentence might mean in the context of the poem. There is no wrong or correct answer for this question. Your answer will be evaluated on its argumentation, coherence, logic, style, and so on

Part 2. In the same poem by Richard Outram, find a prototypical example of non-standard English (but do not focus on unusual orthography and capitalization, fragment sentences, the use of non-English words and abbreviations). In one paragraph (Paragraph 3), discuss whether you think its use is appropriate or not in the context of this poem. Again, there is no wrong or correct answer for this question. Your answer will be evaluated on its argumentation, coherence, logic,

style, and so on



Language and Identity

Topic: Language and Identity
Exact topic: The self-portrayl of american politicians vs. british politicians in a TV interview.
Half of the term paper has to be a theoretical part, the second part has to be a practical part. There also need to be speechpart transcripts in the practical part. All sources of those speechparts need to be named in the bibliography.
The points what is identity and how is it related to language should be included in the theoretical part.
I’m also open fpr other suggestions on the topic as long as it has something to do with language and identity 🙂

Nursing Languages

Topic: Module 6: Nursing Languages
Discussion Forum 6
Referencing one of the approved Data Element Sets discuss:
Why are nursing terminologies that are consistent and standardized, necessary for care in today’s environment?
Provide an example from your practice of how standardized nursing language improved communication, patient care, safety, adherence to standards of care, or assisted in the evaluation of nursing care outcomes.
Include at least two citations from peer-reviewed professional nursing literature and/or required reading.

A comparison between the vocabularies of Najdi and Hijazi dialects

Topic: A comparison between the vocabularies of Najdi and Hijazi dialects of Arabic
how is it going
this is going to be the conclusion chapter
I picked discussion chpater since there is no such option called conclusion in the list
I have a qustion please
does the conclusion has to have references?
if yes can you please use 6 or 7?
if not that is ok
also I am going to uploaded the final updatedchapters
please read through them since I have done huge changes
thank you

Applied linguistics

Topic: Applied linguistics
I would like the writer who has already completed the first 2 chapters of this dissertation. This person already had all my research and evidence.

Topic: Applied linguistics

Topic: Applied linguistics
I would like the writer who has already completed the first 2 chapters of this dissertation. This person already had all my research and evidence.