Linguistic Assignment

Your assignment consists of two parts. You need to discuss both parts. The answer to Part 1 will consist of two paragraphs. The answer to Part 2 will have only one paragraph. You do not need to link the paragraphs. However, the structure within the paragraphs should be clear and coherent. Note that the paragraphs are not weighted equally in the grading.

Part 1. In the attached poem by Richard Outram, consider the sentence ‘Styx nix hix pix’ and discuss it in the following way:

Paragraph 1 – Identify the category of each word in this sentence and explain your answers. The full answer should include morphological, syntactic and semantic evidence. You may find it useful to use a good dictionary and the following entry in Wikipedia: Note that the fact that a particular word is listed with a particular category in the dictionary does not constitute good evidence for the purpose of this assignment.

Paragraph 2 – Briefly explain what you think this sentence might mean in the context of the poem. There is no wrong or correct answer for this question. Your answer will be evaluated on its argumentation, coherence, logic, style, and so on

Part 2. In the same poem by Richard Outram, find a prototypical example of non-standard English (but do not focus on unusual orthography and capitalization, fragment sentences, the use of non-English words and abbreviations). In one paragraph (Paragraph 3), discuss whether you think its use is appropriate or not in the context of this poem. Again, there is no wrong or correct answer for this question. Your answer will be evaluated on its argumentation, coherence, logic,

style, and so on