Self-assessment and self-development action plan

Topic: Self-assessment and self-development action plan (50%)

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Self-assessment and self-development action plan (50%)
A major component of the subject is focused on your assessment of your current skills, capabilities, and strengths and your development opportunities. A major assessment component, therefore, is a paper detailing your self-assessment activities and results, and the development plan that you derive from them. This paper can be any length necessary. Brevity, however, is often a sign of clear thinking and hard work!
You can use any or all of the assessment resources included in the textbook and covered in our classroom sessions. Do not include them in the paper, however. Do the exercises, fill-out the questionnaires, do the reflective exercises, and then write-up your conclusions, your insights, and your assessment of your strengths and how you can use them to your best advantage, as well as your areas for development and your action plan for continued growth and development.
Grades/marks will be assigned depending upon my judgment of your ability to link and integrate relevant course concepts, tools, models and assessments, and apply them to you and your life, both personally and in an organisational context, to gain insights into your behaviour, thinking and results, and to derive a plan of actions for further, continued growth and development.