Marketing case study

Marketing is a social science, one of the courses in which case studies are very common. An average marketing case study will typically seek to establish the correlation, if any, that exists between the various factors affecting marketing as a venture and the real situation on the ground. The only way a company will assess how a product they have just launched has been received by the target market is by carrying out a marketing case study in selected areas.

There are a few issues that you may need to put straight before venturing out. Top of the list will be the geographical coverage of the case study. A case study can be costly to carry out and therefore proper planning is of utmost importance. The geographical area that will be covered during the study must therefore be tersely defined.  Sampling will be instrumental in narrowing down the areas to be covered. Stratified sampling results in picking of sample groups that are representative enough and therefore it is highly recommended for a marketing case study.

Once you have picked out the target group it becomes easier to plan such logistical details as how you will be able to reach them, the number of questionnaires to be printed and collection of the same. The next issue that you will need to concern yourself with will be the analysis of data. However, once the data is in, the bulk of the work will have been done.

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