Medical case study

Case studies are also very common in the medical field. The nature of the medical profession demands that a lot of follow up is conducted every now and then in order to establish the validity and effectiveness of various medications, proposed or operational. An interesting aspect of a medical case study is that it does not have to be expertly planned and executed; a medical student can use the patients he is attending to as the subjects of his study as he continues with his internship.

A medical case study can be carried out within a small area with a lot of success. This is because the results obtained for that area can be projected to include the surrounding areas which share certain geographical or environmental features. A study on the prevalence of a certain disease in a given district can give some clues as to what might be the case in the neighboring districts. Even though such extrapolations have to be done within certain specified limits, they can still save the researcher a lot of time and energy.

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