Heart Failure

Topic: Heart Failure
Hello, could you please to finish my paper that you were write before about heart failure, i will upload the file but before i need to know if you able to do it. here is requirements few sections. Please review and let me know. articles the same as well as topic
Implement & Evaluation Plan
. In this section you are to clearly identify the steps for implementation and the steps for
evaluation for your proposed change. Although you mentioned this in the preceding section
(step 5) – here is where you go into greater detail. Be sure that you have identified measurable
Steps to Maintain Change
This section is also so you are to list all steps needed to maintain your
proposed change. Here you provide all the details as to how you are going to make sure that this YOUR TITLE HERE 4
change will still be around in one year, five years or even 10 years. This section is different than
the overview you provided in the preceding section as here you provide great detail.
Provide a conclusion summarizing the key points of the paper.