Eurotunnel: Eyes Wide Shut

This major case study calls for a thorough analysis of the case paper
and supporting texts.

Choose 2 from the following list of 5 topics

1) Review the performance of the Eurotunnel project against the iron
Triangle?dimensions of budget, time schedule and specification
(quality?. With this in mind outline the predominant tasks of the
project manager during the key stages.

2) What role did uncertainty play in the assessments made and the
decisions taken before and during the project?

3) With reference to some of the recommended reading material in the
course, discuss the project complexity dimensions which may have
contributed to the observed outcomes.

4) To what extent did relationships between the key participants
conflict during this project? Selecting one of these areas of
conflict, describe how as project manager you might have established
project arrangements to minimise the impact of conflict.

5) What principal lessons have we learned from Eurotunnel to guide us
in very large scale international projects in future?

Submission details

?Reports should not exceed 3000 words, excluding appendices, and
(apart from charts or other illustrations) should be in essay format.
The text should be in Times New Roman font size 12.
References should be cited and listed in the preferred format (see the
Harvard Referencing Guide.)

You can pick 4 or 5 articles from the reference list for which you
think they are relevant to the analysis of the case.




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