Orgazitional Behavior

You have been working for Global Delivery Company for the past two years. During that time they have treated you well, giving you two salary increases and better than average yearly reviews. You have made a number of friends at the company and much of your social life has revolved around these friends and the company. To this point there has been very little turnover and, with the exception of normal water cooler chat, little controversy regarding the policies and procedures of the company.

However, you have just heard that Susan, a 58 year old employee who has been with the company for 26 years has been let go for no apparent reason and replaced with a 19 year old man who is the younger brother of Susan’s manager.

You barely know Susan and, for that matter, you do not know many people who know Susan outside of work. She has a reputation of being a conscientious and hard worker, seldom missing a day, and being pleasant to work with. Several of your co-workers are extremely upset with the situation and see it as a foreshadowing of things to come.

Using the information that you have taken from the text and from the class, discuss this situation as it affects you and your co-workers. Be sure to take into account the three specific components of attitude — cognitive, affective, and behavioral. Describe your perceptions and the perceptions of others. Is there a role conflict? Are there ethical issues involved? How do you view GDC, the company for whom you work?

Based on all this, analyze the situation as you see it in a paper of between 750 and 1000 words.



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