Case Study Assignment on Sexuality

Explanation: This assignment is meant to help you reflect on class readings/concepts/theories. You will
apply these concepts to real world situations, ultimately enhancing your understanding of course concepts
and of the social world. The assignment also aims to help you refine your written analytical skills.
Instructions: Throughout the term, we will provide case studies for each major topic (class inequality,
race, gender, sexuality, family, deviance/crime, human & non-human animals, the body and suffering).
These case studies will come from a variety of sources (news, popular media, etc.); all of the case studies
offer you an opportunity to consider how sociology plays out in real life. Alternatively, you can propose
your own topic (make sure you get GSI approval!).
1) You are expected to complete five case study analysis papers by the end of the semester; you can
choose which five you’d like to write about. (Note: only one paper is allowed per week, so plan
2) Your paper should explicitly reference at least two readings or lectures; however, an excellent
paper offers something new, rather than simply regurgitating facts/ideas from lecture. Be sure to
use ASA or APA style citations.
3) An excellent paper does more than just state your opinion. Consider multiple perspectives, or
synthesize material across weeks. (For example, perhaps you see an opportunity to connect Karl
Marx’s theories to your analysis of non-human animals.) Perhaps you can propose a solution to a
social problem.
Formatting: Analysis papers should be two pages double-spaced, use 11- or 12-point font, and have
standard 1” margins. Include your name, section number, and the topic at the top of the page. (You can
put this information in a header if you need the full two pages.)
Due: Due dates are indicated on the list of case studies, posted on our section’s CTools site.
Grading: I will evaluate your papers using the following rubric. Each response has 10 points possible;
the five reading responses total 25% of your overall grade (as outlined in the syllabus). The rubric I will
be using is on the back of this page.
Soc 100 – Fall 2015
Good Satisfactory
Adheres to guidelines (adheres to formatting requirements;
cites work using ASA format; response is submitted on time;
includes all major components, including two explicit
references to course materials) {2 pts}
Demonstrates thoughtful reflection and analysis
(demonstrates mastery of concept/theory; evidence of critical
thinking; creatively integrates and synthesizes concepts with
other course content; problematizes, investigates, or pushes
forward the author’s concepts/ideas) {6 pts}
Stylistically strong (language is appropriate for topic,
audience and occasion; writing is organized, following a
logical path; main points are clear, well-developed, and
logically arranged; conclusion draws on and flows from
previous sections; writing is clear, concise, coherent, and
uses correct grammar and punctuation) {2 pts}
Additional Instructor Feedback: