St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. 
Health care is an extremely regulated industry mostly because of the especially vulnerable nature of its customers, the patients.

Legislators have created numerous laws to control everything from the process of insurance to how a patient must be treated and what they must be told by medical personnel.

Individuals who break these laws can be subject to civil or criminal liability, so it is extremely important that every healthcare worker know and understand the laws related to his or her job.

For this discussion,  use the St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. After reviewing that scenario and reviewing the laws that you learned ,  discuss a healthcare law that may have been broken by an employee of St. Martha’s General Hospital.

Identify any scenario where the law has been broken.

Discuss the major points of the law.

Analyze the facts of the hypothetical situation against that law to explain how the employee broke the law. Support your ideas with evidence from your readings.