The Rise and Decline of Global Powers

This essay has a word limit of 850 words and is split into 3 questions. So an equal distribution of words allocated to each argument is advisable i.e. 275 words for each question.

Question 1: “In what ways does Watson suggest that US economic and political hegemony is vulnerable? To what extent has the role of the US in the global economy been changed by the election of Obama and the economic crisis and recession?”

Question 2: “In what ways does Ikenberry suggest that China is becoming a formidable global power?  In the author’s view what is the historical uniqueness of the post-war Western order? How do these features provide the Western order with a remarkable capacity to accommodate rising powers?”


Question 3 (This is a Critical Thinking Question)

Question 3: “Contrast the different ideological positions in these two articles regarding the US?”




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