New Business Team of Wibbly Widget Corp

You have recently joined the New Business Team of Wibbly Widget Corp, (“WWC”). The CEO has recently returned from a regional trip to several countries in the area where your team has been working and is very excited at the prospect of doing business there. Your team has now been tasked to prepare a written report and oral presentation, giving recommendations for how to establish international business opportunities into one of your assigned countries(Dubai), with the intention of introducing the Big W globally. WWC’s possible entry strategies for conducting this business are (i) to export from the US, (ii) to license a local firm to manufacture and market widgets, or (iii) to invest in setting up a subsidiary.
1. Using the information you researched in your respective Research Assignments, make a recommendation as to the best location amongst your assigned countries for the business. To do so, your team should assess the various risks and costs of doing business in each of your assigned countries as well as the strengths and benefits of doing so in the country you have selected. You should include your explanation of the factors you considered in making this decision and show the analysis you conducted in reaching your conclusion.
2. Your team will then analyze and report on the pros and cons of each of the entry strategy options for conducting this business in your selected country. You should review the information given to you in your Research Assignment to consider whether any of the factors relating to the Big W may be relevant in your selection of business option. In addition, you should also include any management considerations relating to possible international strategy, organizational architecture, production, marketing and HR factors that may be relevant to the successful establishment of international business opportunities in your selected country.



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