Total Quality Management

Assignment and project paper for Total Quality Management
Assignment 1, assignment 2 and the project paper is a continuation process with the same topic of interest that you have chosen.
Choose a topic of your interest in the area of Total Quality Management. It can be anything that you want to explore or to study. It can be how the concept of TQM is implemented within an organization, analysis on how the implementation of TQM, the influence after implementing TQM in an organization, comparison and etc.
Assignment 1:
30 marks
1. After finding a topic of your own interest, look for articles (more than 3 articles) related to the topic of your interest. Summarized the content of the articles according to
a. The background of the topic.
b. The problem that was raised in the papers.
c. What are the suggestions given by al the authors to solve the problem (s)

2. Identify the measurement metrics/ factors that are raised in order for the authors to solve the problem. Have them in table form like table below:

Paper 1
Author’s name(s) Paper 2
Author’s name(s) Paper 3
Author’s name(s) Paper 4
Author’s name(s)
Attribute 1 √ √
Attribute 2 √ √
Attribute n √ √