The Bad Imaging Radiology Department

Topic: “The Bad Imaging Radiology Department”
Case Project
Select a case in “Case in Health Services Management” 5th edition, by Rakich, Longest, and Darr. Review the premise, identify, the key issues or problems, list the alternatives, select the best alternative, then justify your findings. Reference at least two articles and include both theoretical and practical applications. The case should be 5-10 pages in length.
Case and problem solving situations have been assigned as part of the formal course requirements. The intent of the case studies is to provide you with an opportunity to critically think about the issues and problems that confront health care managers. The cases will help
questions are not to be completed as a team assignment otherwise the student will miss
out on the full learning benefit. To accomplish this, the student must also be prepared to
Case Study Preparation and submission Process: The case study presentation assignment is a collaborative effort between each student and the instructor. To this end, the instructor is available for meetings to assist student teams in planning their case study approaches during the week preceding their scheduled presentations. Whether or not the student teams elect to meet with the instructor to plan their approach, each student team is expected to submit the 1st draft of their PowerPoint presentation to the instructor by e-mail by the close of business the week preceding the scheduled presentation.