Sustainability in Project Management Practices

Sustainability in projects involves a wide range of aspects and is an area rarely without controversies and debates. Contemporary project management should consider sustainability in its core practices and systems such as procurement (sustainable resources) and risk management (environmental risks).
However, it has been argued that adding (sustainability) perspectives and considerations to a project is part of stakeholder management and of project constraints, rather than something fundamentally new to project management. Others have argued that integrating sustainability to project management requires a significant change, a mind shift.
Write an article that discusses these two positions. Develop an argument as to which extent each position can be justified. You may want to think in terms of differences between ‘traditional project management’ and ‘sustainable project management’.
To support your points, you are encouraged to use secondary data. Evidence based on secondary data would typically consist of references to the literature.
The article should be 4000 words long.
Title, author, references, and appendices are NOT included in the word count. The article should be structured in sections, with numbered headings and sub-headings, and pagination in order to enhance clarity. Referencing should follow the Harvard style.

The article will be assessed on the following criteria:
80+%: Critical discussion displays an excellent understanding of theory and conceptual frameworks. Excellent use of evidence to test (corroborate or challenge) current thinking. The evidence is very much related and in line with the theory / concepts. Very confident cogent arguments are presented