Project Management Plan

Pick a project like building a house,building a coffee shop or building a squash court.
In addition to a scan of relevant external forces which impact upon the project, you should include an analysis of the project’s scope, quality, time and costs as well as considering the management of communications, human resources, supply and risk within your project.
Project Management structure: should be 2,250 words excluding appendices.
The structure of the plan is as follows and must be used for your submission:

1)Title of Project Plan, Student No. and Date.
2)Signed Plagiarism Statement:
“I declare that this is my own personal project management plan and reflective statement.”
3)Contents Page.
4)Summary of the Project: this is done last as it summarises the whole project.
5)Introduction: aims and objectives.
6)Project Plan Contents: based on your research of academic project management frameworks and your chosen project.It includes 1)Project Scope 2)Project Plan 3) Project execution.
7)Recommendations & Conclusions: Any recommendations you think would improve your project plan. Conclusions: Your analysis of the project plan contents that include your opinion of the facts. This, in effect, is your reflective statement.
8)Bibliography: Use Harvard referencing system – available from the UWL Library.
9)Appendices: Relevant supporting materials:

i)Business case. (including financial appraisal)
ii)Stakeholder register.
iii)Work breakdown structure.
iv)Responsibility matrix.
v)Schedule (Gantt chart)
vi)Cashflow (budget) statement.
vii)Technical plan.
viii)Communication & HR plan.
ix)Quality & Supply management plan.
x)Risk management plan.
Appendices doesnt not include in 2250 words. I will be attaching the zip folder file 2 examples which shows how the project should be done please follow the same contents and subheadings 2 examples will help you in this project its similar what needs to be done. if you are unable to open please let me know through my email.Reference on include before appendices.