Project Management


Students are assigned to Project Teams, normally consisting of 3 to 5 students. Each group negotiates and agrees which project to undertake from the following projects:
1. Opening a subsidiary in a foreign country.
2. Opening a master franchise in another country.
3. Opening a division of ESE in Moscow, Paris or Mexico City.
4. Building a House for international clients.
5. Organising an international trade show.
6. Designing a new product or service.

Each member of the group should be assigned at least one distinct area of research to undertake, and at least one part of the Report to write. For groups of 3 or 4 there is some flexibility into the report content. For groups of 5 all areas have to be completed. Please see the Project Structure below.

Introduction – this should be relatively short detailing the selection of the project. Group

Conceptualisation – the chosen solution, with regards to the triple constraints of Time, Cost and Specification. Critically reflect on the various forms of concept that could resolve the issue. Individual (Compulsory)

Project Planning – produce a project plan from work break down structure, timing, and precedence. Form an AON network diagram and a critical chain. Critically reflect on the advantages of PERT or CCPM in this particular project. Individual (Compulsory)

Risk Management – produce a risk management strategy for this project, critically reflect on numerate and non-numerate forms of risk analysis. Individual

Project Management Strategies – identify the team structure and management style of the project team. Critically reflect on the effects of diversity in an international project team. Individual

Control Strategy – Review the various forms of control strategy; select with critical evaluation the most appropriate control strategy for your chosen project. Individual

Conclusions – a review of the process undertaken and likelihood of success. Group (Compulsory)