Performance Management

Carry out an investigation on the topic of performance management in an existing organization. I chose IKEA for this paper. you need to collect sufficient information about IKEA. However, I will upload the guideline for this paper you have to read it carefully and follow it step by step. and please you need to do a powerpoint slides that covers everything in the paper, just the main points.
Aim – to demonstrate that you are have the required level of knowledge and understand of the performance appraisal process that will allow you to contribute to the achievement of organization and performance targets in your role as an HR professional.
In this assignment you will demonstrate that you understand the following:
1. The purpose of performance management, appraisal and review and the link with business objectives
2. The legislation, policies and organizational good practice relating to performance management.
Carry out an investigation on the topic of performance management in an existing organization. You will need to choose an organization where you can access sufficient information to achieve the above objectives and complete the assignment successfully.
You should try and source both primary and secondary information which includes the performance management/appraisal system for your chosen organization.
For the information you have collected, describe your findings:
1. Provide an outline of the organization, the business objectives and strategic direction
2. Provide an analysis of the performance management system in this organization. To achieve this you will need to examine the best practice recommendations as contained in your textbook and other related literature. It may be useful to see if you can access performance information from competitor organizations and compare and contrast these with your chosen organization.
From the information collected and as a result of your analysis provide a between 3 -6 conclusions you have come to in relation to the above aims and objectives
What recommendations would you make, (provide your reasons) to improve the performance management system of your organization.

Then you need to do powerpoint slides that include the most important things that you will cover it in the report