Operations management

Font 12 times Roman *Titles
*Name of the referenced person with the quotes and citation

*research many people as possible and come with conclusions

*content page put too much details

*use as many photos and graphs supporting the research as possible

*in the research I want to have many people talking about different aspect and with there own thought to come with conclusions.

*I want web pages, bibliography and Harvard referencing

executive summary just 1 page

2 perfection for executive summary fall
in 2 perfection
1st paragraph introduction to understand the report

2nd executive summary background to that report section

3 what happen to the research last part results and recommendation
content page in details

Title page graph/photos bibliography / harvard referencing appendix in the last page

I want every diagrams you put need to be cited

I want a lot of diagrams and graphs supporting my hypothesis

I want three sections of citation, bibliography and references ( don’t mix them up) it is highly crucial

each graph or diagrams need to be cited again,

I need conclusion

I need ex summary

I need abstract about the issue

I need own thoughts and I need evidence to justify my own words

I need you to make sections for the report (ie each aspect you deal with need to be In separate section don’t mix them up plz)