Operation management and control In small business.

Topic : Operation management and control In small business.

Ethical Considerations ,,
In conducting this study the author conformed to the ethical rules established by Birkbeck College University of London. Specifically to not “cause any damage” (Gray, 2009:190) to companies and employees involved, the retailers analysed within this case were made anonymous and referred as Company A and Company B. For the employees, no names were used in the performance data that is collected and presented in the Appendices. Both firms in the study were informed about the aims and goals of the research and their right to refuse to be involved, ask about the projects development, obtain a copy of the paper. The firm, specifically the HR department, was also informed of their right to ask the author to interrupt the study should they wish to (Gray, 2009).

Company A: a small boutique shop, part of privately held company which offers Men and women clothing ,Shoes and accessory’s , the store received 200-300 customers daily across 500 square feet of selling space and employ 7 sales assistant and 2 managers, their yearly income is around 520,000 pouds.

company B: a small clothing shop part of privately held company and selling men and ladies clothing , they attract between 300-500 customers daily, across 800 square feet and employ 12 staff , their yearly income is around 650000 pounds.so
company A and B both is based in London.

source: Own creation 2016,company A and company B corporate document (2014,2015)
Number of sources/references, more than 15 plz.