Meeting Customer Needs

The investigation of the service and organisation problems at the Gym in Bristol
The module name is: Meeting Customer Needs. In this essay, I chose to I am aiming to clearly identify about the problem and the solution of the service and organisation. However, this essay also need to have a primary data collection and secondary from the books, journals etc to support the idea and link to the theory of the marketing. I use the theory of the Marketing Mix as background information to support this report. Furthermore, I have done and submitted the presentation previously; -this presentation is the proposal for this essay report. I will send the transcript of what I have presented to you soon with the assignment brief, module handbook, and the draft I have done so far, to get the idea what I am up to. Please edit it as appropriately. Furthermore, for the conclusion, please include the recommendation for the improvement, which should be link to the essay and introduction.

-In the essay please talk about why you choosing this company, and show what you choosing.
– describe the nature of the company.
– describe why you choose the do the interview.
– using marketing mix as a background.
– Do not forget about the operation side.
-Research methods
– you can include anything to support the argument.
– you can talk about the back ground of THE GYM in the introduction; said from my tutor. I will try to get the background information about the gym during the interview. Please help me with the questions.
The company that I have chosen is the gym company called ” THE GYM” in bristol city. For the primary data collection, I chose to do an interview with the manger and the customers. I have written the interview questions for the manager and customers. I will send them to you, please feel free to edit, restructure, adding new questions, etc, to make it look more professional. I also had an interview with 2 customers already, so please have a check and edit as appropriately as well as the interview question for the manager.

Will you be to send me the interview questions after you have edited on Monday the 30th November?