Problem Assignment 5 Managing Innovation
Select an item or an activity that you believe is an innovation. Be prepared to discuss
this innovation and why it is innovative, in a five-minute presentation in an Adobe
Connect Session. Feel free to show an example of the innovation during the
presentation. Record your presentation and submit the URL in two places:
assignments as you have with scenarios and in the discussion forum for Innovation
Presentations to share with your fellow students. Please make sure after recording
that you make your presentation public.
This innovation does not have to be work related and, in fact, innovations from a
broad range of fields will make the presentations more useful. As a Senior Manager,
you will often be called upon to support innovative activities in areas with which you
are not as familiar as you might be. Being able to appreciate your fellow students’
perspectives on what makes an activity or item innovative will allow all of us to
develop a more complete perspective on the various attributes of innovation.