For an organisation of your choice, write a report to the senior management team outlining the following:
(Please choose one international company)

i. What would a quality service and / or products look like from the point of view of the organisation’s customers?
[25 marks]
ii. Deming, Crosby and others have said that improving quality can save money. Discuss to what extent this applies to the organisation you have chosen.
[25 marks]
iii. Choose one of the enablers of the EFQM Excellence Model. Review the organisation’s performance on this enabler and identify potential areas for improvement.
[25 marks]
iv. Produce a one page summary, summarising your findings and recommendations in parts i. to iii. Include a discussion of any difficulties in implementing your recommendations. [15 marks]

In addition, a maximum of 10 marks will be given for your report format, referencing and presentation .

You are expected to make use of relevant models and frameworks in each of parts i. to iii. However you need to include a list of references for anything you refer to in the report which is not written by you. This is important.

The maximum word count should be 2,200 excluding appendices, table of contents, and references.