Investment Management Portfolio

Topic: Investment Management Portfolio
Paper instructions:
You are a manager in the investment industry, whose role is to provide investment portfolio advice and management to a client, who is your investor principal. You should identify the profile of this client, your investor principal, who should reflect a typical client profile which you may outline and define. The time period of your selection of a past investment strategy and its investment outcomes may be defined by you (the investment manager), but your future investment strategy would reflect the same period in the future investment strategy. This allows flexibility in portfolio horizons. You should make reasonable assumptions in undertaking this task that reflect the nature and experience from the world of investment practice. Your answer should be a balance of both practice and theoretical approaches to investment management. You should validate your work with appropriate documentation, statistics, numerical data and information on matters referred to in your work that might be included in the appendices of the assignments (i.e. not included in the 3000 word limit in course assignment).

1. Outline what investment strategy you as the investment manager might have adopted in a past time period in meeting a principal investors’ objectives with an allocated fund of £1,000,000 (one millions pounds sterling). You might use the range of financial investments that are available in the marketplace that might reflect your aspirations in meeting your investor principal’s expectations and explain to your investor principal your rationale for the securities included in your portfolio.

2. You should formulate your past strategy with its asset portfolio of securities. State their nature, characteristics, prices and volumes transacted during the life of your investment strategy and their value outcomes over the period of the investment strategy’s period.

3. Your principal investor has been sent literature and had a conversation with another investment company describing the nature of the market and its mechanisms that have caused him some concern about the various frameworks, ideas and financial vocabulary that they used (i.e theory, concepts and terms of investment). Provide an explanation of these key investment frameworks and concepts that guide your provision of your professional expertise of investment advice and management that enable you to advise him, your investor principal as his client. In short, explain how the market of financial assets and securities functions using the theory and practice to reassure your client.

4. From your past investment portfolio strategy and your explanation to your client outline the basis of your future portfolio for the same principal and indicate the rationale for your asset portfolio, its portfolio weightings and the securities therein, giving due consideration to the risks involved in pursing this strategy. In so doing, you would outline what assets and securities are in your investment portfolio and their likely value outcomes. You should also outline what other investments are available but not included in this portfolio and why they have excluded from your portfolio section.

Each section is equally weighted and the whole assignment should not exceed 3000 words.