emergency management questions

Question 1 (One Page).
Review the steps that should be taken by a group of stakeholder.
2. Current capabilities are assessed against the required capabilities to determine resource shortfalls.

3. The group develops a multi-year strategy to eliminate the resource shortfalls using a combination of local and federal resources.
4. The multi-year strategy gets translated into annual work plans.
*Describe types of shortfalls might exist in step two.

*Will they just be material items?
Question 2 (One Page). This question answer has to be read first from the only resource that I will be upload.
Read first the file regarding COLLABORATION then answer the question. The document word file will be uploaded in this order.
• What value might collaboration add to the emergency management function: Before a disaster event, during the planning and preparedness phase, during the disaster event as an element of response, After the disaster event to facilitate both short- and long-term recovery, and as a tool to effect both pre- and post-disaster mitigation?