An organization provides many products and services. This means staff must be able to do many types of jobs, which means they need to have certain skills. However, many experts believe that the American workforce is lacking some of the most essential skills. For example, 92 percent of top executives believe there is a skills gap (Wastler, 2013). In addition, the overwhelming majority believe the gap is in “soft skills”—communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration (Wastler, 2013).

Take a position on whether you agree or disagree with the notion that Americans are lacking the most basic job skills and that it forces employers to seek applicants from other countries. In preparing your response, ensure that you properly in-text cite all sources used in the support of your stated positions and the example or examples you chose to utilize. The response needs to be a minimum of 250 words. Also, you will need to include the references at the end of your posting.


Wastler, A. (2013). Jobs skills gap: The basics become a problem. Retrieved from http://www.cnbc.com/id/101012437