Develop selection and training processes


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Outline Scenario:

You company have been approached by a company called ABC UK for help with its personnel selection and training processes. ABC UK invests in and manages a number of regional UK airports, including XYZ Airport in the West of England. XYZ Airport first opened in 1965 and since then, in line with customer demand, has grown both in the number of airlines that operate there and the number of destinations they fly to. In the last twelve months, ten new destinations have been added and the airport has seen a significant increase in the number of passengers. The rise in passenger numbers, in addition to the growing number of passenger security checks needed to deal with heightened security threats, has meant that queues at the baggage screening checkpoints have become very long. ABC UK are concerned about the ability of their baggage security officers (BSOs) to deal with this added demand without compromising their performance, and about the number of customer complaints they are receiving about queuing times. In an attempt to address these issues, over the next six months ABC UK will be making some changes. A new automatic scanning system will be introduced which performs an initial assessment of baggage tray content. This will show BSOs an image only when it spots a suspicious item (rather than an image of every tray), meaning the BSOs will have fewer images to check and can concentrate on those images which are a concern. The customer service policy will also be updated. The 20 existing BSOs will require retraining, and 30 additional BSOs will be recruited.

ABC UK has commissioned your company to design and run these selection and training processes for them.

Although existing competency models and training plans for the BSO role exist, the Human Resources Director believes that they are outdated and would like you to start work from the beginning on identifying a competency model and identifying training needs. Furthermore, due to commercial pressures, ABC UK are keen to start work on this as soon as possible and have therefore requested that the job analysis and training needs analysis be completed within a three month period.

Task 1: Describe how you would conduct an effective job analysis in order to generate a competency model for the baggage security officer role. Also, describe how you would extend this job analysis into an effective training needs analysis to identify training needs for the 20 existing baggage security officer staff who require training.

Your job analysis was successful and generated the following competency model for the BSO role at XYZ Airport:

Baggage security officer – competencies:
• Operation of screening systems
• Concentration and attention to detail
• Communication
• Decision-making

Operation of screening systems refers to being able to understand and use the new automatic scanning system. This includes how the system identifies a suspicious object, how the controls are operated, how to check and respond to the corresponding images, and how to identify whether the system has been interfered with in some way. Concentration and attention to detail refers to the skill of inspecting for and noticing certain patterns, similarities and differences that would characterise a suspicious object, and being able to maintain effective performance on this task during long work shifts in a busy, noisy environment. Communication with colleagues and with passengers is also key to the role. The BSOs give and receive security information and so they are required to speak clearly, avoiding jargon, and they must use active listening in conversations with colleagues. As the BSOs also deal with frustrated and sometimes aggressive customers, they need to remain calm and polite in their communication. Decision–making skills are required in order to decide upon the appropriate course of action if, for example, a suspicious item is identified, or a colleague highlights a security threat/issue.

Once you had developed the competency model, you extended the job analysis to analyse the training needs of ABC UK’s 20 existing BSOs who will be operating the new screening technology (i.e., Task 1). Your training needs analysis found that all 20 existing BSOs required full training in all four competencies. This is because the new technology places different demands on the BSOs’ concentration and attention to detail and has changed the way they need to make decisions and work with their colleagues. Communications with passengers have also changed as a result of ABC UK’s new strategy to improve customer satisfaction.
As it is pleased with your work so far, ABC UK has agreed that your company can continue working on designing and running the training process. Again, due to commercial pressures, ABC UK is keen to complete all phases of this training process within a three month period.

Task 2: Describe how you would develop, run, and evaluate an effective training process to train the 20 baggage security officers in all four competencies. You should justify the decisions you make and methods you select with reference to the WORK PSYCHOLOGY research literature.

The training process was successful and all 20 BSOs are now fully trained and working effectively at XYZ Airport. Due to your success so far, ABC UK has agreed that your company can continue working on designing and running the selection process for the 30 new BSOs they wish to recruit. Again, due to commercial pressures, ABC UK is keen to complete all phases of this selection process within a three month period. Furthermore, as they do not wish to pay hotel expenses to candidates, they have requested that the selection activities are all completed within a 5 hour period on a single day for each group of candidates.

Task 3: Describe how you would develop, run, and evaluate an effective personnel selection process to select 30 suitable candidates for the baggage security officer role by assessing them against all four competencies. You should address all aspects of the selection process up to, but not including, the point where candidates are offered the job (except those aspects already addressed in Task 1). However, you may assume that you are allowed to obtain future data from the company regarding the recruited candidates, should you require it. You should justify the decisions you make and methods you select with reference to the WORKPSYCHOLOGY research literature.

All cannot be covered in detail, so prioritise the main features and briefly refer to other issues. If you are unclear about aspects of the scenario description, define your own understanding and justify your decisions accordingly. You may assume there is a reasonably large budget available to develop the selection and training processes.

You must complete Task 1 and Task 2 and Task 3 within 3000 words with equal weight means approximately 1000 words for each task.