Company’s organizational structure

The assignment is to check out a company or organization and compare the organization, organizational infrastructure and company’s orientation together with the theoretical discussion in the course. Use written information or the company’s website.

I have chosen FedEx but you can write about another company if it is easier for you.

Special attention should be paid to:

o Company’s organization (what kind of organization exists)
o Connection between environment and the organization
o Connection between technology and the organization
o Company’s Orientation
o Performance

Research questions to keep in mind:

• Explain how the business environment molds the organization.
• Describe the organizational characteristics and assess when they are best suited.
• Compared theories and methods to decision making.
• Explain the life span of companies and internationalization.

The book for the course is Organizational Theory, Design and Change by Gareth R. Jones

The main source for reference should be the book Organizational Theory, Design and Change

Please do not use to many “fancy” words or wording as it is not something I do to much of.