Columbus Custom Carpentry Simulation – Pay Structure

This is a business simulation entitled Columbus Custom Carpentry (CCC) . This case/project is presented as close as possible to the way you may encounter it in working life. Your role is that of a newly hired HR manager. You will learn about the (fictional) company by reading the employee handbook and taking a look at the provided Excel documents.The directions; Perform a wage market analysis on the positions included in the attached “CCC Salary Grades” spreadsheet and place each position in its correct wage bracket (some positions will not need to be moved anywhere). You should be using data for the positions in CCC (provided) and comparing it to the job market IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN, USA. In this assignment you will now revise the pay structure for Columbus Custom Carpentry and write a justification to be presented to the President and the CFO. Revise the attached salary grade chart (Excel file) with updated salary information. Write a 1 page paper (Word file) justifying the new pay grades. What issues did you uncover that warrant the revised wage scales? What is the financial payback for the company with the revised pay grades? What will the additional costs be for the company to implement your revisions? What other information did you discover that justifies the revised wage scales? What issues do you with some of the exempt and Non-exempt employees? Are they classified correctly under the FLSA regulations.