Change, Conflict and Communication

You are a highly regarded, professional Organisational Consultant who has been awarded a consulting contract by bank or similar financial organisation. Your brief is to prepare customised documentation for the Human Resource Manager to use with employees in relation to a problematic scenario.
Individual assignment task (worth 18 marks):
1. Scenario: following general scenarios:
a. Resolving a conflict between two members or two groups of the organisation.
2. Profile: Write a descriptive profile of the (real or fictional) organisation, which includes its name, industry, core business, size, age, location plus any other details you regard as relevant to your chosen scenario, situation and script. (150 words)
3. Situation: Create an expanded version of your chosen scenario by providing more specific and detailed information of relevance to your script. (150 words)
4. Script: Prepare a detailed script for the HR Manager to follow whilst meeting with the individual(s) involved in the chosen scenario. (700 words) This must reflect 2-way interpersonal speaking, listening and behaviours and be presented using two columns:
a. Words and actions (left hand column): A numbered, sequential list of exactly what the HR manager should say and/or do during a meeting with the individual(s) concerned;
b. Rationale and explanation (right hand column): Derived from your resource materials to support every numbered statement and action, and accompanied by a citation.
5. References: List for all citations, presented using Harvard format.
6. Documentation structure:
Page 1: Title page (as for a report)
Page 2: Profile and Situation (followed by a ‘Section Break’)
Pages 3-4: Script presented using 2 columns (followed by a ‘Section Break’)
Page 5: References