Building Managment Skills

Imagine that you are the founding entrepreneur of a software company that specializes in developing games for home computers. Customer demand for your games has grown from a busy one person operation to one with 16 employees. In addition to yourself, you employ six software developers to produce the software, three graphic artists, two computer technicians, two marketing and sales personnel and two secretaries. In the next year you expect to hire 30 new employees and you are wondering how best to manage your growing company.
1. Use the principles of Weber and Fayol to decide on the system of organization and management that you think will be most effective for your growing organization. How many levels will the managerial hierarchy of your organization have? How much authority will you decentralize to the subordinates? How will the division of labor between subordinates be establish ? Will the subordinates work alone and report to you or work in teams?
2. Which management approach do you propose to use to run the organization? Write a statement describing the management approach that will motivate and coordinate subordinates, and tell why this style is the best