Assessment Literacy

Topic: Assessment Literacy
1. Assessment Baseline: Discuss your level of influence on assessment practices in your present position. (2 page minimum) Be sure to include support from readings/

3. Write a paper discussing (1) the historical relationship between assessment practices and educational reform, and (2) how assessment practices could influence future reform efforts. (5 pages minimum )

4. What are your beginning thoughts on what YOU can do to increase effectiveness in assessment in your present position. (3 page minimum) Be sure to include support from readings/research.

5. Compare what assessment was like when you were in school versus what it is like in the classrooms of today. Reference Lorna Earl’s book in your paper. (3 pages minimum)

6. Your Board / Supervisor has questions about the assessment system in your district / agency. Prepare a brief report discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the current assessment system including the historical and present factors that are supporting the current system as well as any barriers to change. Make recommendations for improvement (e.g., areas that are not currently being assessed, changes in how assessment information is reported or used). Write it like you were going to present it at Board Meeting. (5 pages)

7. Review your readings and share how you have changed assessment so far in your work – if you have and if you haven’t why? (3 pages minimum) Be sure to include support from readings/research