Analysis of Change in Organisations

This report is designed for you to become reflective in your practice surrounding change. Consider an organisational change that you have recently experienced. Write a reflective report that indicates how you personally transitioned in the change. Your report must include one (1) of the following three that is most relevant to your case:

1. Politics, power and leadership.

2. Communicating change and motivating others.

3. The learning connection.

It must also include an evaluation of the change through an appropriate framework or model.
Reflective writing includes four areas of reflection:

1. Report on or describe the issue or experience and explain why it is important. Give your initial response to the experience or issue.

2. Relate the issue/experience to your own experience.

3. Reason about or discuss the issue/experience to demonstrate an understanding.

4. Reconstruct your understanding of the changes that have occurred as result of the experience and your reflection upon it.